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This app is intended to be used by magicians.

It is the perfect addition to my Vision app (which does a optical character recognition of playing cards, which are layed out in a spread. With this new app a wide variety of new things will be possible. The collection will increase by time.

This app can also be used by an accomplice, since the data can be received from a webserver. So the magician secretly analyses the spread and the accomplice has all the necessary information within seconds - whilst being far away.

Stack Manager:
You can define and store any stacks, you use. These can be accessed from all different functions of the app.

Allows you to monitor the extracted data, which was sent to a webserver.

Show missing card:
Can be used as a peek-device

Some Tricks

Auto Pilot
Lets you create a sequence of tricks, which you can perform automated one after the other!

The collection will be updated and increased constantly in hope, that this will become a new era in card magic.
Martin Eisele