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GeoLogger is GPS multi-tool for your devices.

Speedometer / Location data viewer:
GeoLogger allows you to see your phone / tablet's GPS information such as speed, elevation, direction (bearing), coordinates (latitude/longitude) in head on display format. You can use this app to confirm true speed / elevation while riding, flying, sailing, cycling, running, etc.

GeoLogger also allows recording of your trip information including speed, elevation. Record your progress of your activities such as riding, flying, sailing, cycling, running, etc. See your speed, elevation, and elevation in line graph. You could manually edit trip information via in-app text editor. or export trip information to .gpx file.

Available informations:
Speed (m/s, km/h, ft/s, knot, mph, yd/s)
Average speed
Bearing / Compass
Current date and time
GPS accuracy level

During / After Recording:
Ascend / Decend in Elevation
Minimum and Maximum Speed
Minimum and Maximum Elevation

You can check accuracy level within app.

Apple Watch Version:
Display current location in latitude/longitude format
Display current elevation
Display current speed

The app also works in offline as long as GPS signal is available.
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