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Hear Me Well

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Hear Me Well

Hear Me Well is a tool that turns your iPhone in a very simple and easy to use hearing aid.

Just put your iPhone or iPad between yourself and your interlocutor, connect your headphones and adjust the volume and, if needed, the noise reduction filter.

But technically, how does it work? It works by processing and amplifying the sound picked up by the iPhone's microphone. It's perfectly compatible with any model of wired and wireless headphones, including the Apple AirPods.

This app could be very useful in noisy environments such as bars and restaurants. Thanks to the specially designed noise reduction filter, any background noise can be reduced significantly.

Hear Me Well works perfectly with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch can be used to adjust remotely the volume, the balance and the noise reduction filter.

This app is available for now in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Marco Barattini