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The Alkohol app is the easiest and by far most convenient way of getting your blood alcohol content when on a night out!
When you need to know wether or not you're able to drive your car, or just want to know how much you've had, simply bring the app, and use it to keep track of your alcohol consumption.

Alkohol is the Danish name for Alcohol. This nordic them is carried over in the design of the app, this shows as there's no unnecessary clutter, with an utterly self explanatory interface.

If you have an Apple Watch, you don't even need to get you phone out, simply open the Watch app to see your current blood alcohol content, or even add a new drink, beer, shot or drink to the calculation.

The app is using the standard calculation technique and should only be used as a
Neither the Alkohol app, nor the creator can be held responsible for usage of the app and/or incorrect/in-precise blood alcohol content calculated. Neither can these be held responsible for any action made under influence of alcohol, be these action illegal or not.
Anders Sperling