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Network Utilities & Analyzer

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Network Utilities & Analyzer

Network Utilities is a handy tool for network administrators to scan and analyze the ipv4 and ipv6 networks.

It's a free app with a small banner advertisement at the bottom and no limitation on functions, you can use the In-App purchase to remove advertisement and support us.

Network Utilities includes the following services:

• General System Information including system hardware, memory usage, disk usage, network interfaces, WiFi, DNS Name Servers
• Network Interfaces: Detail information about all the active network interfaces including link speed and data usage
• Network Browser: Scan nodes connected to each network interface

• Ping: Standard ping to Host, IPv4 or IPv6, number of requests, timeout and payload size is configurable
• World Ping: Ping the target Host, IPv4 or IPv6 from at least 5 different locations
• Traceroute: Standard trace function to destination Host, IPv4 or IPv6, timeout to each hop or maximum hops are configurable
• IP Range Scanner: Check for alive nodes in provided IPv4 range
• Port Scanner: Check for open ports on selected Host or IP, you can specify the port numbers or range of ports
• Speed Test: Check current connection speed including ping, download and upload speed

• Host to IP: Resolve a hostname to IP addresses based on current device DNS settings
• IP Location: Approximate location of an IP address or Host
• Whois: Whois database search on domain name or IP addresses
• NSLookup: Detail DNS records of a domain, DNS Server, Query Type, Query Class, Authoritative Records and search for IPv6 are configurable
• Email Validator: Check the structure and server validity of an email address
• RBL Blacklist Check: Check an IP address against major black lists

• SSH Client: A built-in SSH client to connect to any SSH Server, supports both password and certificate authentication
• Telnet Client: A Telnet client to connect to any server that supports telnet protocol
• Wake On Lan: Provides ability to send WOL signal to any MAC address

• IP4 Calculator: Subnet class calculation of an IP4 address
• IPv6 Calculator: Network calculation of an IPv6 address

Network Utilities also has a Widget that can show the current connected WiFi and cellular information including private and external IP addresses.

Additionally, you can share all the results as a PDF file
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