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Dreem Coach

by Rythm
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Dreem Coach

by Rythm
Everything you need to understand, manage and transform your sleep, with daily support to help you get there.

Dreem is an innovative headband and app solution that helps people address their sleep problems. This app is a companion to the Dreem headband (required to use the app).
If you don’t have a Dreem headband, you can find out more here:

Here’s what you can find in your app:

Your night card: Everything you need to understand your sleep sent to your phone every morning, including: how long it took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, total sleep duration, sleep efficiency etc…

The hypnogram: A minute-by-minute view of your night, that shows you your changing sleep phases, heart rate, sleep position…

Personalized insights: Cards that point out your sleep’s patterns and trends, helping you to better understand your sleep and track your progress over time.
Coaching programs: A library of sleep restructuring programs of varying length and intensity, designed to help you address your sleep problem:
Sleep Restructuring- our most advanced program for people who often find it hard to fall asleep or wake up several times during the night. Through a series of sleep consolidation exercises, and to-do lists, Sleep Restructuring helps you achieve a good “sleep efficiency” ratio between the time spent in bed and time spent asleep.
Winning Back Sleep- for those with a significant sleep debt, that’s to say people who don’t sleep enough without any real sleep problem, Winning Back Sleep helps you make the most of your sleep.
Rituals- helps people who have occasional difficulty sleeping, Rituals helps spot sleep-damaging habits, before helping you put in place a new healthier sleep routine.
Sleep Basics- for people who would like to better understand their sleep and learn some new sleep habits to put in place for better, more peaceful sleep.
Setting your nights: This app allows you set your audio features: A library of falling asleep relaxation techniques and a Smart Alarm.

Dreem Coach store the sleep data entries retrieved from the Dreem Headband to HealthKit in order to let you see them directly in the Apple Health app. Also, Dreem Coach never collects your personal health data.

Compatible iOS devices:

iPhone 5s or more recent

iPod Touch 6th generation or more recent

iPad 2nd generation or more recent; all kinds of iPad Mini

Compatible versions of iOS: iOS 10.0 or more recent

This app is available in English and French

If you have any questions or feedback: Reach out at [email protected]