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by LastID
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by LastID
What’s on Pic allows super easily monetize your social networks. Tag your favorite photos with the products you like and get Cash-back from each purchase made from your posts.

How does it work?
Making money with WhatsOnPic is easy as one-two-three
1. Take a photo like you usually do.
2. Add tags to the products on your photo (clothes, accessories, lifestyle goods).
3. Share your post with the friends or to the whole world. And that's it

What next?
People who will click the tags can easily buy the product. So, you will earn money from each sale made through your tags.

To start making money with What’s on Pic, you do not need a store, or website or even products. What’s on Pic uses a lot of affiliate programs, what allows you to make money from sales of products which were done using a redirect from your post.

So wait no more, start making money right away!