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Ramadan 2020 Assistant PRO

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Ramadan 2020 Assistant PRO

Ramadan 2020 Assistant PRO is very Simple, and really useful with great looking graphics. This is an app for the Muslims all around the world with really useful features such as Daily prayer times, Qibla Compass, Ramadan Timings, Islamic Calendar and Muslim Holidays per year.

- Showing Qibla(Kaaba,Kiblat) direction in which you are pointing your device.
- Date Conversion Gregorian to Hijri.
- Useful for navigation towards Qibla.
- Displays Prayer Times such as Fajr, Shorouq(Sunrise), Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib, Isha.
- You can adjust the Prayer Times from advance settings.
- Eight ways to calculate the Prayer Time.
- Two Juristic Methods (Shafii,Hanafi).
- Show North direction along with Qibla direction in the Compass.
- You can use your device built-in GPS, cellular antenna location Prayer Times Calculation using the GPS positioning.
- Monthly Prayer Times shows entire month’s prayer times in the app.
- Apple watch support provided with accurate Prayer Time.
- Notification Centre Widget provided with the prayer times and also highlighted upcoming prayer times.
- Very useful application that display the Ramadan timings with Suhoor and Iftar timings with Azan.
- Islamic Calendar with Hijri Date and English date conversion.
- Islamic Calendar also providing the Muslim holidays coming for the calendar year.

- Islamic Compass to find direction of Qibla(Kiblat) or Makkah (Mecca)
- Working as Qibla Compass useful for Muslim for prayer
- Monthly Prayer Times
- Ramadan Timings
- Islamic Calendar
- Muslim Holidays
- Islamic Prayer Times
- Qibla Direction Finder
- Standard Compass

- GPS is required for proper functionality of Qibla Compass & Islamic Prayer Times.
- No Advertisements in the app.