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by Praxus
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by Praxus
WebFitness is an interactive face to face online workout using your webcam laptop. With the app you can schedule workouts, stream workout of the day, view how-to explanations for 100s of exercises, nutritional guidance, and track your progress using the weight tracking with progress pictures.

Enjoy the guided workout with true LIVE interactive training and socially connect with others on the same journey as you! WebFitness Certified trainers instruct every live class to bring out the best version of you with proper form instruction. Need that extra push, you got it!

Try WebFitness for free NOW!

Be advised on how to improve your diet. The app allows you to quickly take a picture of your meals, snacks, and beverages. A nutritionist will review your diet and advise you on improvement. You have the option to ask questions to the nutritionist as part of the program.

Use your Apple Watch to read your heart rate and monitor your performance on-screen during your live workout. It uses HealthKit to save and store your heart rate information. Your heart rate is used to help to guide your workout to reach your goals. The trainer can see your heart rate to help motivate you to be in your zone. Heartrate lets you see how you are doing compared to others in the class for pacing or fun competition.

Heartrate app should not be used as a medical device. Consult your doctor or physician on your target and maximum heart rate prior to using this app. Let your trainer know your doctor’s guidelines so the trainer can help you stay within the physician’s recommendation.