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Gym Workout Tracker

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Gym Workout Tracker

Do you go to the gym and are tired of manually keep track of exercizes, sets and weight? With Gym Tracker you no longer need to carry a piece of paper and a pen around, even your phone if you have an Apple Watch:
- Create any number of workouts with fully customizable exercizes
- Archive workouts you no longer use
- Quickly start any non-archived workout
- Let the app guide you through exercizes and rests with timers and notifications
- Easily change the weight at the end of a set
- Crash safe: don't worry if something bad happens during a workout, your progress is saved and you can resume as soon as you reopen the app
At the end your workout is automatically saved inside the Health app, if you're using an Apple Watch with detailed heart rate and calories.

- Easily manage multiple workouts and choose what to start
- Support for normal exercises and circuit training
- Easily cycle through exercises when repeating the same workout with choices
- Follow the workout on Apple Watch or on iPhone both from inside the app and with notifications
- Quickly check last completed workouts
- Backup and restore workouts using iCloud Drive

Got a problem or advice for the app? Contact me on Twitter @piscoTech or from inside the app or contribute yourself over at GitHub by viewing the Developer Site or tapping Source Code inside the app.
Marco Boschi