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FS Mevo Golf

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FS Mevo Golf

FlightScope Mevo Golf gives you the ability to take your golf game to the next level when paired with a FlightScope Mevo® radar. This app features the ability to capture automated video on your phone or tablet, and provides real-time performance data overlay with the video. Whether you want to view only video or just data, Mevo Golf allows you to fully customize your display.

Mevo Golf is ideal for the everyday golfer practicing on their own terms. Providing instant video and data feedback, this app allows you to practice with a purpose and track performance over time. Captured video and data will automatically be stored for easy sharing.

You can now record your sessions assisted by the FS | Mevo Golf app on your Apple Watch. Choose out of six different layouts to display selected parameters of recorded shots. Use your device to review shots and easily change clubs without stopping the session or reaching out for your smartphone. Our Apple Watch app also allows you to check the radar’s status and switch between live and review mode in sessions so you will always know when it is ready for the next shot.

Important: This app requires the use of a FlightScope Mevo.

Highlights include:
- Real-time data provided by a FlightScope Mevo® radar
- Automated video recording on your phone/tablet with data overlay
- Automatic and customizable video clipping triggered by impact
- Fully customizable data display
- 2D trajectory shown from a side view will provide height and time of flight
- Equipment selection for precise performance analysis
- Data will automatically be uploaded to
- Compatible with Apple Watch
- Data available:Ball speed, club speed, smash, vertical launch angle, carry distance, spin rate

This version requires an iPhone or iPad supporting the two latest versions of iOS and watchOS 5.0 or later. The HealthKit is only used to run the FS Mevo Golf app on the Apple Watch. The app will collect your health data with each shot.