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EasyCalc is an App for easy and fast calculations, born to be easily accessed to in every part of your iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

The iOS version has a useful and nice widget accessible from both the Home Screen and Lock Screen: just drag down from the top of the screen to add the widget or swipe from left to right.

Apple Watch Features:

- Smart calculations. You can do more calculations at once thanks to the priority of operators. Ex: 3+2x3=9
- Bigger buttons in full screen. Yes, we know how bad can be to have small buttons in a small screen, and for this reason we have designed bigger buttons in full screen.
- Swipe gesture: you have just to swipe up, down, left or right to insert the right operator or push and hold for the equal.
- Draw the operations on the screen thanks to the scribble features ("1+2=" and it will display the result)
- Dictate the operations through the microphone of the Apple Watch ("one plus two equal" and it will display the result)
- Haptic Feedback: every time you will insert an operator, a small vibration will shake your wrist and the operator will appear on the left side of the screen.
- Complications to your WatchFaces. Our Complications will be able to automatically fit with the color of your WatchFace.

- For have shown the new menu you need to push harder for invoke the Force Touch.
- If you will not draw the "=" sign it will not display the result, the same if you will not tell "equal". If you will forgot it you can still use the swipe gesture for display the result.
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