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Yoga Timer for interval yoga trainings

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Yoga Timer for interval yoga trainings

We believe that timer apps should be simple to use and easy to manage on one screen. That's why we created Yoga Timer for interval yoga trainings. The voice interval assistant with Apple Watch support makes the timer unique and gives you brand new experience.

You can easily make unlimited yoga trainings and save them. Each training consists of a number of asanas with duration times.

With a simple click of a button you can adjust all asana durations in the training as you improve or drag and drop asanas to quickly change their position in trainings.

Interval Yoga Timer Features:
* Apple Watch support
* Custom yoga training schemes
* Customizable asanas duration
* Shift all intervals duration in one tap
* Audio assistant
* Visual signals
* Asanas prepare delay
* Unlimited yoga asanas and trainings
* Drag and drop asanas
* Countdown workout time
* Export/import all trainings to/from iCloud
* Extra backup
* Heart rate on Apple Watch
Konstantin Kurilo