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Fit Counter

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Fit Counter

Focus on the exercise, not on the count!

This application uses the iPhone and Apple Watch sensors to count automatically yours repetitions during the workout.

To do it, just keep the iPhone with you while exercising or use your Apple Watch.

This application can be used to detect and count the movements of your exercises like:
* Sit Ups
* Push Ups
* Pull Ups
* Lunges
* Jumping Jacks
* Jump Rope
* Squats
* Step Platform
* Plank
* Side Bends
* Abdominal Crunch
* Others...

You can choose an exact number of repetitions or leave the count undetermined.

Counting is alerted by voice or by beep, with vibration optional.

If you are wearing an Apple Watch, the counter is reported directly on your wrist.

In each workout, is showed:
* Numbers of repetition;
* Total time of the serie;
* Average time of the serie;
* Standard deviation of the serie;
* Analysis of regularity of repetition intervals.

With this information you can improve your activities, improving the consistency and aiming for a reduction in the execution time.


This app uses the Health functionality of your device to read your moviments. However, its does not add new exercises to your Health History.


This is trial version and restricted to count between 1 to 15.

If you like, you can purchase inside of this application the unlimited version.

Currently, this application supports the following languages:
* English (US)
* Portuguese (Brazil)

Enjoy the promotional launch price!


* Enhancement of the repeat detection algorithm;
* Include of complications for Apple Watch;
* Translation for more languages;
* Others ...
Fernando Ferreira