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SergeantSnark Step Counter Fun

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SergeantSnark Step Counter Fun

Tired of your boring step counter apps and buying activity devices? Try one that's funny AND entertaining and works from your phone. Sergeant Snark! Why not have a laugh while you're putting in all those "hard-earned" steps? This snarky little app will remind you to get it going when you're frozen in place (or the space-time continuum).

Sergeant Snark WILL have you getting your steps on and laughing at the same time.

This is for those who like some snarky, quick jab comedy. Don't expect Sergeant Snark to go easy on you. He made us do many steps just to get this app ready, but our face hurts with laughter.

No need for an activity device! It counts steps right from your phone or Apple Watch. Just need to have your phone or Apple Watch with you while you walk.

Sergeant Snark awaits. Don't disappoint the Sarge!

Includes an Apple Watch app and some handy stickers for taunting and cajoling your friends.

Requires iPhone 5s or higher if you want it to work.
nanoStak LLC