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Calculator Pro & Currency

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Calculator Pro & Currency

Calculator Pro & Currency

Support for iPad Pro Dual-window split view.

Calculation results display (In-App purchase)

The numbers entered one by one to delete. The display Swipe Gesture right.

Memory management:
•CE, MC, M +, M-, MR
Additional features include:
•Cos, sin, pi, sqrt ...

Tax calculation functions:
•Tax+: If the net amount is calculated and we want to (27%) in the amount of tax plus get, you add value to the Tax + 1.27 + TAX value and press the button to multiply the amount on display. (eg: 8500 * 1.27 = 10795).
•Tax-: If gross amount is calculated and we want to (27%) in tax net to receive a reduced amount of the Tax-value 1.27 add value and press the TAX key dividing the amount on the display. (eg 10795 ÷ 8500 = 1:27).

•Setting Tax Values
•Set Calculator Theme and Icon
Albert Parti