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Tack Sharp 2.0

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Tack Sharp 2.0

Tack Sharp helps photographers with rapid determination of camera settings for the sharpest focus range of multiple subjects. Tack Sharp allows photographers to explore different camera settings before shooting, to decide which settings to use for optimal focus.

A swipe gesture reveals user settings which customize the display and ensure accuracy for different camera types , including settings for: preferred units (meters or feet); six different camera sensor formats which each provides a recommended "circle of confusion"; the ability to enter a specific "circle of confusion" for other sensor sizes or personal preferences; and specification of the number of f/stops and stop increments to be used, all ensuring this tool will work effectively for any photographer in a wide range of situations, cameras, and lenses, as part of their photographic process.

Tack Sharp setting changes are communicated to a connected App Watch instantly.

Apple Watch support allows photographers the same focusing optimization tool on their wrist and avoids the struggle of handling an iPhone and a camera together. The interface is a direct parallel to the iPhone interface, offering intuitive ease of use.

Tack Sharp uses standard equations for Depth of Field, so there is no mystery to the internal workings and users can place their full confidence in the calculations. What makes Tack Sharp different is the simple user interface and approach, to be used as a practical tool for any level of photographer, without any fuss or complexity.
Chris Hunt