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Diabetes IQ Pro

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Diabetes IQ Pro

Diabetes IQ is a diabetes management App. It allows you to track your blood glucose levels, food consumption, insulin dose, exercise and medications. It analyses your blood glucose patterns and provides vital statistics and insights. Furthermore, it integrates with health & fitness devices via Apple Health and Cloud API. It has a built-in food database with voice search capability.

Getting Started
To get started, the user must enter their units of measure, blood glucose target levels and medications.

BG Pattern Recognition
The App applies BG pattern recognition to highlight the no of highs or lows, percentage of time in high/low/normal range and particular time of day highs or lows.

BG Alerts
The App generates reminders and alert notifications. The alerting algorithm is based on the user's diabetes profile and daily activities.

The time-stamped logbook keeps track of the user's medications, blood glucose levels, meal intakes and exercise activities.

The Dashboard provides the user with a quick overview of their health and fitness activities over a specified period of time.

Integrated Food Database
The App include food databases from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. We also provide users with free annual updates.

Favourite Food Items
Users can tag and save their meals to a favourite list for quick and easy access.

Health & Fitness Data Integration
Users can access their health & fitness data via Apple Health API and from other health & fitness devices via Cloud API. Supported devices include Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit. The setup is extremely simple.

Insulin & Glucose Meter Data Integration
Users can access their insulin data from the Pendiq Insulin Pen via Apple Health API and also access their blood glucose data from iHealth Glucose Meters via Cloud API.

Users can select from a vast list of diabetes medications. The user can also create a list of frequently used non-diabetes medications.

Analytics & Reports
The App provides historical trend charts, statistical analyses and reports to assist the user in better managing their diabetes.

Latest Diabetes News
The App provide users with latest diabetes news and events.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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