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Water Tracker and Reminder!

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Water Tracker and Reminder!

An beautiful & intuitive way to remember to and track the water - and other drinks - you drink!


● Apple Watch Support
● Today Widget Support
● iMessage Stickers Support
● iPad Support
● Visual Meters for your goals
● Supports Ounces & Milliliters (Metric System)
● Read through useful and interesting Water Tips
● Change the order of drinks to log them faster
● Track Water, Juice, Milk, Coffee, Tea, and more!
● Log drinks for days that have gone by
● See a calendar and associated logged drinks
● Achievements so you can track progress
● Home Screen Quick Action Support
● Set how much you drank with pre-defined amounts or custom
● Notification support for reminders (Plus custom reminders!)

Stay healthy, and drink more water - hydrate yourself! Upgrade to Water Pro for the best experience - with all drinks unlocked - and no ads!

Have a cool feature idea or improvement suggestion? Let us know by heading to the Suggest a Feature section in Settings! We love hearing from each and every one of you.

Apple Health Integration: The app integrates with the Health app. We read your Gender and Weight to pre-fill your info (should you allow access).

Note: This app is not a medical app. Suggested water intake goal is just an estimate based on your preferences. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.

For feedback, suggestions, or questions - kindly contact at