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Personal Records

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Personal Records

Personal Records is the fastest way to record and search your results in many types of workouts.

Personal Records does a great job of recording results for the workouts that are important to you. Designed for the typical gym-goer who does not care to track and log EVERY workout but still wants to see how they are progressing in important movements.

Calculate 80% of your best back squat either from the app or from the new Apple Watch app.

The Personal Records app allows you to:
• Instantly see your personal records in all of your workouts on the main screen.
• Categorize your workouts with Tags.
• Calculate the percentages of your best lifts within the app.
• Instantly see how you are progressing in a workout through time.

The PR app has support for tracking workouts that are scored by:
• Fastest time
• As many rounds as possible (AMRAP)
• As many repetitions as possible
• Heaviest weight
• And, as of version 2.8, you can track workouts with any units you choose!

Spend less time logging, and more time exercising.

Suggestions? Comments? Drop us a line @PersonalRecordsApp on Facebook or leave a review.

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Jory Cooper