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Say!t - for Podcasters & Broadcasters.... Say it
Are you a Podcaster or Broadcaster?
Set a question and have your audience easily contribute. A quick swipe allows you to grab an mp3 of their response within seconds.

Create a profile and link out to all your social media too.
Easily set a question, (audio or text)
Tell your audience about your profile and question on Say!t.
1 simple press allows them to record a reply.
Play!t, Dump!t or Say!t and add it to the question.

Find out what something is... Picture questions allow you to post a picture and ask a question.

*Create a free Say!t profile
*Add your social media links
*Start a fun question or topic
*Create a picture question
*Answer questions with audio
*Check out trending topics
*Answer broadcasters questions
*Favorite your preferred users
*Be an ambassador and get verified.
*Favourite questions for easy access
*Record, submit… and Say!t

As the community grows this becomes a great tool for broadcasters to get great soundbites for tv, radio, podcasts etc.
We want this to be a useful community for those who like to speak rather than write.