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[Again] is a social platform for global sports enthusiasts. It can help you accurately record sports data, and you can also create your own training programs. At the same time, you can also share them with others to easily earn money; here you can also find a variety of sports gods, fitness, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, fighting, aerobics, etc ... Let them become your personal fitness trainers, practice online and offline as you like; there are also a variety of global real-time online sports competitions , Enjoy sports anytime, anywhere. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to become stronger? Do you want to be beautiful? You can't find a personal trainer? Do you want to be a personal trainer? Whether you are a beginner or a sports expert, come to [Again] is your best choice!

Function Characteristics:
- Global communication and friendship are boundless-
Existing users have covered 122 countries and regions around the world, sharing new and interesting sports content together, experience the borderless social sports.

- Professional personal trainers are more convenient to find -
Global fitness instructors and sports enthusiasts share training content here. You can choose to follow the example training or become a role model for others and make progress with global sports enthusiasts.

- Share training makes money easily -
Here, users can record and create their own training action library. If they become [Again Daren] or [Again Certified Personal Trainer], they can publish paid content, and easily make money after sports.

- Sports record accurate and rich -
Training record tool used by more professional athletes and fitness coaches all over the world. Again's unique customized training plan system can accurately record, timely remind and share training content, becoming an example of sports.

-Brave World Online Sports Competition-
Again has the mysterious brave world, where you can team up with runners from all over the world whenever you are used to running outdoors or indoors.In the future there will be more online competitions in brave world. Come and have fun.


Warm prompt:
When applying the recording of running or riding, the backstage will initiate the GPS positioning function, which will decrease the battery life. But the GPS positioning function will not be initiated when such recording keeps unused. Meanwhile, we will keep optimizing the algorithm to realize better power saving effect.

The application supports Apple Health application and can synchronize your exercise data to it after being authorized.


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