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Nature Remo

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Nature Remo

■Nature Remo App

The Nature Remo app is an app that connects with both the smart remote control, Nature Remo, and smartphone HEMS, Nature Remo E, each part of their respective series. With this app, you can seamlessly control infrared appliances throughout your room. By launching the Nature Remo app from your smartphone or tablet, you can remotely control electrical appliances such as lights, air conditioning, and TVs with just one tap of your finger. Also, the app includes an automation feature to support your busy everyday life.

■Nature inc.

Nature inc., with its mission to "drive coexistence with nature", aims to shift to renewable energy by utilizing IoT products. In 2017, we launched the smart remote control, "Nature Remo", leading the smart home market in Japan. In 2019, we entered the energy management business with "Nature Remo E" and started providing demand response services for electric companies from 2022. From smart homes to energy management, and even updating the power infrastructure for the next generation, we will continue to contribute to creating a new future for energy.

■Nature Remo

Nature Remo is a smart remote control that has sold over 600,000 units in total. It enables automatic operation of home appliances according to your own lifestyle by setting conditions such as timer function, smartphone GPS, and on-board sensors.

-Nature Remo 3(Remo-1W3)

Flagship model equipped with 4 sensors for temperature, humidity, illumination, and human presence, and can be linked to Qrio Lock and mornin' plus.

-Nature Remo mini 2(Remo-2W2)

Standard model with temperature sensor only

-Nature Remo mini 2 Premium(Remo-2N2, Remo-2B2)

Premium standard model with the longest infrared range in the series

-Nature Remo nano(Remo-5W1)

Entry model compatible with the Matter standard, which does not include a sensor

■Nature Remo E

Nature Remo E is a smartphone HEMS that can be easily introduced by simply plugging it into an outlet and performing authentication. The application enables real-time monitoring of electricity consumption, electricity rates, power generation and sales from solar power generation equipment, and recharge/discharge of storage batteries, as well as control of storage batteries and V2H from outside the home. When used in conjunction with the smart remote control Nature Remo, it is also possible to automatically control home appliances in accordance with electricity consumption.

-Nature Remo E(Remo-3W1)

Full model compatible with ECHONET Lite for smart meter, solar panel, storage battery, V2H, smart distribution board, EcoCute.

-Nature Remo E lite(Remo-4W1)

Entry-level model that can be connected only to a smart meter and can monitor electricity consumption

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