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Welcome to PropertyTracer a new way to track and manage the items in your home, apartment, closet, barn, office, storage unit, and life without worry. It’s for more than just tracking your items. PropertyTracer allows you to easily input, track, checkout, and move items across multiple rooms and places in a simple to use app.

Easily create barcodes and scan barcodes, move items across rooms and buildings. Label boxes, track boxes during your move, and know that you have a shareable list when something does go missing.

• Did something get stolen or lost in a disaster?
No worries, if it was in PropertyTracer then you can easily export it to a PDF so you have proof of your property so your insurance company can’t shortchange you.

• Have multiple properties?
Easily add multiple properties to PropertyTracer and be able to track and log where all your items are.

• Want to put a label on your items?
That’s easy with PropertyTracer’s ability to export barcodes for your items that can be printed out and attached to your items. Then scanned within the app so that you can easily see which items you are looking at.

• Multiple devices?
No worries, all of your items will automatically sync across your devices through iCloud and automatically update.

Other Features:

• Ability to check out items to your kids or friends.

• Ability to write down information for your personal peace of mind and for your insurance company in the event of a disaster.

• Remember what you put in that storage unit you almost forgot about.

Small Business:
• Check out items to your employees.

• Ability to track and record the critical items in your company in the event of a wildfire/tornado/tsunami/hurricane/hamster attack.

• Track items like computers across multiple buildings.

• Did your boat sail away in a hurricane, you can know what was lost and export the items to your insurance.

• Can’t remember which property you left your mini fridge at and the tenants don’t know, easily be able to look within the app and verify if you left it there.

• Life happens, don’t let it ruin your day, use PropertyTracer to protect yourself.

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