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AssassinsX Immerse

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AssassinsX Immerse

AssassinsX Immerse offers a comprehensive management system to help facilitate your real world assassins game -- serving both the coordinator(s) and the players. The app intelligently tracks teams throughout the game. At the end of each round, the app will advance teams that are eligible to move on until a winner is declared!

General App Features
- offers a unique two-person team based system
- enriches the real-world game experience by offering live, connected notifications
- reduces the effects of cheating as coordinator(s) are not provided a list of targets
- provides live stats for the game
- provides the ability to confirm elimination requests for players

App Features for Coordinator(s)
- randomizes targets and sends them out at the same time
- provides start, stop, and extend round functionality all within the app
- allows coordinator(s) to send messages to players

Hope you enjoy the app and the unique experience that it provides -- from Nilen Patel and Jack Stenglein

Nilen Patel