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Endurance training for runners of all levels. From Couch-5K to advanced marathoner, Helium has all the tools you need to get fit faster by training smarter.

Unlike other basic run trackers, Helium was built from the ground up to make endurance training easy and fun at every point in the training lifecycle - from planning to execution to analysis.

Helium automatically learns each runner's individual Effort Zones and matches them to a training plan appropriate for their fitness level. Plans such as couch to 3k, 10k, half-marathon, and more are available directly in the app. Workouts are then scheduled according to each user’s personal calendar for maximum accountability.

Helium's Ambient Pacing Assistant on Apple Watch makes it easy to execute even the most complex interval workouts without distracting the runner's focus. The Assistant’s customizable visual, haptic, and audio feedback from Apple Watch helps runners stay in the appropriate Effort Zones prescribed by their training plan.

After a workout, Helium's metrics dashboard makes it easy to see fitness progress with Cardio Efficiency and Strain measurements. Runners can watch as their cardiovascular endurance improves steadily over time, thanks to the proven effectiveness of zone-based interval training.

Helium takes the guesswork and pain out of endurance training and makes running fun again. Run smarter with Helium.

Helium integrates with the Health app to analyze your past workouts and save new workouts.

Helium is available in the App Store and is $59.99/year with a 14-day free trial.