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Final Figures

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Final Figures

A pilot only really cares about safety.

A pilot puts the safety of his/her passengers and crew ahead of everything else. Final Figures helps you keep track of the total number of people on board.



Nobody wants to declare an emergency. In fact the only time I don't mind doing so is in the simulator. Twice a year we go into the big black box and hope to get our contracts extended for another 6 months.

And Although the simulator is realistic, the scenarios are convincing and the visuals are consistently questionable.

In 12 years of recurrent sim rides the only question I haven't been the first question ATC will as you when you utter MAYDAY!

"AirBud 179, MAYDAY acknowledged. How many souls on board?"

Final Figures helps you remember your critical number of passengers, crew and dangerous goods. The data syncs straight to your Apple Watch and can be quickly viewed through a today widget.

How many evacuation briefs contain something like "initiate the evacuation, grab the paperwork and make a dash for it". Its a nice idea, but after a heavy impact who knows where the load sheet would end up. Final Figures for Apple Watch will help your team, help the emergency services and help your conscience whilst the head count takes place.
simon knapp