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Hickory Smart

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Hickory Smart

Hickory™ Smart puts the control, security, and convenience in the palm of your hand.

Download the Hickory Smart app to pair and control your Hickory Smart Bluetooth® keypad deadbolt.

-Control access to your lock via the app, or use a code through the lock’s keypad
-Grant access to your lock immediately, for up to 10 people, by sending codes to another user’s smartphone
-Schedule specific times e-keys can be used by others through the online portal
-Unlimited e-keys available through the online portal
-Optional push notifications alert you when your door is opened
-Powered with SecuRemote® Smart Bluetooth Technology

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What is SecuRemote Smart?
SecuRemote Smart is a technology that allows home products to communicate to your smart device when Bluetooth is enabled. All your SecuRemote Smart products can be managed under one platform for full home control, security, and convenience.
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