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Dhikr Counter Platinum

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Dhikr Counter Platinum

Dhikr Counter Platinum is an islamic digital counter application with a great user friendly interface that allows the users to enjoy performing their daily dhikr ( azkar ) and tasbih ( tasbeeh ).

Keeping pace with current trends and technologies, Dhikr Counter Platinum lets you conveniently remember and mention Allah.

With its LED night mode, stylish design and 18 eye-catching counter options, Dhikr Counter Platinum offers many special features to the users.

With Dhikr Counter Platinum you can do your daily azkar or daily tasbihat (tasbeehat) very easily on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch devices.

You can easily do dhikr ( zikir, zikr, dzikir ) of Allah from the predefined Asma al Husna list.

With this dhikr app it is now very easy to add, remove and edit your own azkar digitally.You can add an unlimited number of new dhikrs (azkar) to the list.The new dhikrs (azkar) that you added to the list will be listed in alphabetical order.

Dhikr Counter Platinum has both a large text display area and a long text field so that you can add a long dhikr to the list and can read that dhikr on the main screen easily.A long text field is also great when you need to keep notes for yourself.

Dhikr Counter Platinum has 18 elegant dhikr counters and night mode with LED.By pressing the color change button you can easily change the color of the tasbeeh counter.

Dhikr Counter Platinum automatically records how many times you have completed the dhikr and the date you last completed the dhikr, for each dhikr in the list.So you can easily keep track of your azkar (athkaar, athkar, adhkaar, adhkar, أذكار ).The dhikr counter app also remembers the last number that you were on while performing the dhikr so that you can continue from where you left off when you reopen the app.

You can expand the field of the count button by activating the "Full screen button" option.You do not have to worry about accidental tapping because almost the whole screen is a count button.

You can activate the "Vibration alert" and “Alert with speech“ option and set for your desired number.

By activating the option “Notify when 5 taps left”, you can make sure that you are notified when you are about to complete your dhikr.

Thanks to the “Dhikr Reminder” feature, you can set the reminder time for each dhikr individually.

You can easily find the Qibla direction using the “Qibla finder ( Qibla locator )” feature.

With the backup and restore feature, you can back up your saved azkar and then restore them back to the same device or a different device.


⁃ The ability to do dhikr of Allah with Asmaul Husna ( 99 names of Allah )
⁃ The ability to start tasbihat (tasbeehat ) after salah with one tap
⁃ The ability to edit Asma ul husna ( أسماء الله الحسنى )
⁃ The ability to scroll through 99 beautiful names of Allah (which includes Arabic Font and transliteration in English)
⁃ Discover meanings of Asmaal Husna
⁃ The ability to search through Al Asmaul Husna ( اَلاسْمَاءُ الْحُسناى ) either in the names and in the descriptions
⁃ The ability to add an unlimited number of new dhikrs and notes
⁃ The ability to add, remove and edit your own azkar
⁃ A wide text display area
⁃ A long text field
⁃ The ability to add a long dhikr, du’a or tasbeeh
⁃ Simple & straightforward user interface
⁃ Switch on/off sound option
- Reset counter option
⁃ Full screen count button option
⁃ Notify when 5 taps left option
- Night mode option with LED light
⁃ Audible and Vibration feedback on completion of a dhikr
⁃ Vibration feedback (which can be set for the desired number)
⁃ Speech feedback (which can be set for the desired number)
⁃ Qibla compass ( Islamic compass )
⁃ Dhikr reminder
⁃ 18 elegant dhikr counters
⁃ Backup & restore
⁃ See the dhikrs you have completed
⁃ See the number of completion and the date of the last completion on the list for each dhikr individually
⁃ Reset completion counters
⁃ Turkish and English language option
⁃ Reset content & settings option