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AAA stands for Archery Analysis App.

The app will help archery to keep an overview of their own results. However, it also serves to identify tendencies in the hit pattern and thus the own technique, in order to eliminate or correct these as quickly as possible.
This also increases the motivation and creates an incentive to develop further and further in order to ultimately improve his or her personal results.
Individual events can be created according to various criteria and the respective result can be recorded both numerically and graphically. In competition / training, you always have an overview of all ends, the total result, result of both runs, average, hit image, center position, standard deviation.

Filters in various places help to shape the view according to your own wishes so that the whole is always clear.

Arrow sets can be created / managed via the quiver function and then assigned to the individual events.

On Twitter, others can follow live events (with existing Twitteraccount).

Unique is the connection to the Apple Watch to record the hits, to see all the ends and to quickly control the center location and the scattering of all previous hits.

The app is constantly developed under the help of various shooters.

List of some features included:
• Numerical / graphical hit detection on the iPhone AND the Apple Watch
• Hit image evaluation on the iPhone AND the Apple Watch
• Create events according to various criteria
• Already shot ends can be corrected / changed at any time
• Display statistical data such as the center location, average standard deviation, and so on
• Graph the chronology for the overall result and the average of all events
• Quiver function to create / manage arrow sets
• Arrow sets can be assigned to the events
• Hits are matched to the selected arrow diameter
• English short help
• Backup and recovery of all results
• Export the data by email, to a browser, etc.
• Import data from others (from received emails)
• Faces for various disciplines selectable
• If appropriate, analyze individual arrows
• Twitter to allow others to compete
• Create and export score cards
Axel Ilenburg