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uControl is HDANYWHERE’s universal IR remote companion app for controlling MHUB centralised AV multiroom systems and all the connected sources and TVs, over WiFi with a single mobile device instead of multiple remotes.

It is programming-free and super simple to setup. It offers all the controllability required for operating your home entertainment system in the majority of AV scenarios. Use your phone or tablet as a universal remote, allowing you to choose which source you want to watch and where, with all the various functions for each device shown on screen, with familiar button layouts and gesture control.

uControl can be personalised with by setting background images for each zone/room (such as a photo of your living room) and you can choose a light or dark theme to your preference.

The ‘U’ in uControl stands for a lot of things; ‘Unintimidating’ in that it’s easy to set up and simply intuitive to operate for the end-user. ‘Universal’ in that it works with any IR device and ‘U’ as in its designed and bespoke for each MHUB installation.

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