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Histories Terrible Tragedies

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Histories Terrible Tragedies

Throughout the thousands of years of human history, few events have been recorded with such detail as those recorded in the age of the moving image!

The death of Cleopatra and Caesar have both been shrouded in myth and mystery!

But for over a hundred years such mighty moments have been caught in the eye of the camera and remain as a record for the rest of time.

Here are many of those first tragic moments caught on camera!

Include's videos of 10 historic disasters:

1. 1912, Franz Reichelt's jump off the Eiffel Tower.

2. 1937, The Hindenburg disaster.

3. 1913, Emilly Didson Killed at the Derby.

4. 1928 Frank Lockhart killed in land speed record attempt.

5. 1941 HMS Barham

6. 1952, Farnborough Tragedy .

7. 1955 Le mans crash.

8. 1958 JD Russel Drowns in cockpit.

9. 1963 Gerarad Masselin - Bird Mans fatal jump.

10. 1967 Donald Campbell - Water Speed Record.
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