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Red Diary

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Red Diary

Red Diary is the ultimate trip diary, keeping log of your walks, runs and rides, including details as distance, top speed, time, route map, elevation changes, photos and notes taken.


* Privacy first: Trips are kept locally on the phone and synchronised using iCloud

* Automatic trip start: Start trips automatically when the phone starts moving

* Idle detection: Trips are automatically stopped and saved after a period of inactivity

* Voice announcements: The app announces ride time, distance and top speed changes, even when it is running in the background. Ideal for exercising with the headphones on!

* Take photos during the trip or add photos later

* Take notes during the trip or add notes later

* Trip maps with photos and notes, elevation maps and detailed trip statistics

* Share trips via social media, chat, email etc.

* Independent watch app: The Red Diary watch app can be used without the phone. Trips are recorded on the watch -- you can even leave the phone behind! The recorded trips will be synchronised when your watch and phone meet again.

* Widgets for the Home Screen


* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

* Apple Health integration: When enabled, Red Diary automatically saves trips representing physical activities to Apple Health
Akos Polster