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uKeepScore One Watch

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uKeepScore One Watch

uKeepScore is THE best way of keeping score of a sports game that you're watching and telling your friends and family about the score as it happens. This is the ULTIMATE iPhone and Apple Watch app combination.

On the iPhone, enter the team names, type of sport, and period of the game. Then you choose to either keep score on the iPhone or on your Apple Watch, or a combination of the two, whatever you choose. We implemented the latest Apple communication technology, so you can now keep score on your watch, while you don't even have your iPhone app active and while your iPhone is off. As soon as you turn on the device, it syncs the information 2-ways. Or, if you prefer to keep track of the match on your iPhone, it will automatically sync as soon as you turn on the Apple Watch app.

When you want to, you can share the scores through the different share methods with a single tap, like iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Just go to your iPhone and tap the option 'Share'.

Imagine your child winning their game and you telling the group of parents and supporters as it happens. Or sending the score to the home sports club, so they can publish it on the sports club display immediately. Keep the group informed even when you're playing an away game. Let grandma and grandpa know how their grandchild did before they come by for a visit.

Say it with uKeepScore One Watch, sports scoring made available for everyone.

Play fair and have fun!
The uKeepScore Team.
CJS Reichgelt