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WWAlarm offers an all-in-one solution that integrated security, safety, video into one complete system. With our very intuitive App, users will have total control and full awareness of your house and surrounding, the true peace of mind.

One App, Total Control
With WWAlarm App, users can arm & disarm the system from anywhere, receives video push notifications when sensors or cameras detect suspicious activities, live streaming and communication with our cameras, and control any in home automation devices such as light, thermostat, garage door right from your fingertips.

VideoGram Event Recording
When an event is triggered, our system automatically records a 30-sec VideoGram and sends notifications to your phone. Verify the event and send the recording to the authorities for a faster emergency response.

In-View Police Reporting
Every second counts. You can call the police directly via the Home8 in-app in-view controls.

Live Video Collaboration
With the live sharing ability, you can easily record and immediately send a video clip to any law enforcement agency, family member, or caregiver.
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