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Video Delay Instant Replay Pro

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Video Delay Instant Replay Pro

Get Instant Feedback & Become a Better Athlete! Analyze your form using a sports camera with a delay on playback! Train smarter, build proper muscle memory and get faster results.

Trusted by the top US baseball and basketball teams!

Frustrated by making the same mistakes and wasting time on your workouts?
Proper feedback is crucial during workouts, helping you perfect your form and become more efficient. Video Delay helps you train with precision and stay true to form.
Instead of stopping your exercise to watch recorded videos and see how you've performed, you get instant feedback after each repetition.
Immediately correct your posture, build the proper muscle memory and get faster results.

Make every training satisfying and effective!

Improve your performance with Video Delay Instant Replay in just 4 steps:
1. set a delay time for your exercise
2. do your action
3. watch video feedback
4. correct your form

Coaches and teachers! Use the app with a TV screen to watch the Replay with your team! Analyze your players' performance and correct errors. “Draw” lines on the screen to check out the angles. Edit the Replay, so it only shows what you want your students to concentrate on. Instant Feedback also helps to settle disputes between players.

Basketball players! Take a quick look at the footage, correct your posture, and get right back to the action. No need to rewind or touch the device, the video will play instantly. This way you can improve your shooting form by copying your favorite NBA players. Also, you will be able to see if you are low enough on your legs or if your fake moves are effective.

Golf or tennis players! Use a motion-detection grid and correct your swing or backhand instantly! Perform proper movements and maintain good posture while exercising. Build better muscle memory and improve your game!

Training martial arts, archery, or shooting? Study your form with delayed video. Set a very short delay time and analyze your moves in slow motion. See what to correct in your kicks or punches.

Pilates or yoga fan? Check out poses, that you won’t see in the mirror, like dog or pigeon. Make sure you are true to form and protect yourself from injury.


Set delay time by using the Clock button or by tapping on the screen when beginning and ending the task.

Delay Mode plays buffered video after a selected time. In the down right corner, you can see real-time capture. In this mode, you can replay your actions and save them as a video file.

Slow-motion Mode plays buffered video in slow-motion. It works only for short-time exercises (about 3 sec), like shooting or jumping. To adjust the zoom or slow-motion ratio use the slider on the top.

Replay Mode lets you analyze your moves step by step. Select part of the replay you would like to examine with the A, B, and Zoom buttons. Touch the screen to add lines and check out the angle. Save your replay as a video file.

With Grid Mode you can add movement detecting lines on top of the camera view. To change the number of columns/rows go to settings. Use a pencil button to open edit mode and slide the lines or adjust the movement detector’s sensitivity.

You can set as long a camera delay time as your device memory allows you. Lower your camera resolution in settings in case you need a longer delay time.
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