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Fantasy Wizard

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Fantasy Wizard

Fantasy Wizard is the "Unofficial" app for the NFL Fantasy Football Website. Note: This does NOT work with ESPN, Yahoo or other Fantasy sites yet. This app will help you dominate your fantasy football league.

If you are in one or multiple leagues, first login with your NFL Fantasy Football User ID and Password. Now you're ready to see how you're team ranks across your league. You can make roster changes right from within the app and check out your weekly matchup.

That's pretty amazing. But it gets even better. With the power of our advanced ranking, the Waiver Wizard will show you the rank of every available player by position to see if there's a better player to swap out with your current roster. The ranks are displayed on the team logos for each player - find the best available running back before your opponents do. And with the search tool, you can drill into a specific position to find only the top available players to add to your roster.

And what fun is winning your league, if you can't brag about it? That's why we have added "Trash Talk" to your entire league - let them know that you're the best and that they are the worst.

We've got notifications of your player scores both for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

And check out the accompanying Apple TV app.

If you want to win your league, you need the Fantasy Football Wizard.