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5 Train Classics for SmartWatch

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5 Train Classics for SmartWatch

Train Classics are a unique way to enjoy classic novels on your Smartwatch.

Train Classics includes classic short stories of less than 30 minutes long, making them perfect for your commute to or from work!

In this Train Classic, enjoy 5 short stories from the some of the greatest writers of all time!

1. Charles Dickens: The Child's Story.
2. Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven.
3. Edgar Allen Poe: The Cat.
4. Virginia Woolf: The Haunted House.
5. Tolstoy: The Wisdom of Children.

Train Stories includes:
- 7 minutes long.
- Short pages to keep you interested.
- Each part includes just 5 pages.
- Each part a different color for variety.
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