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iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

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iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

iTrainer Dog whistle & Clicker is a simple and easy to use app that bundles a dog whistle, squeaky toy sounds, a training clicker, and 100+ animal sound effects to assist with training your dog or pet!

Main Features:
• High frequency dog whistle. Easily adjust frequency, modulation, and speed
• Dog training clicker with 5 unique, original clicker sounds
• 20+ squeaker toy sounds
• 100+ animal sounds to entertain and engage your dog or pet (dogs, cats, birds, farm animals, & more!)
• Interactive home screen widgets (play the whistle, clicker or squeaker directly from your home screen)
• Record and save your own custom sounds
• Reference guides for whistle training and positive-reinforcement obedience training
• Apple Watch App
• Works great on all iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS (with Apple silicon) devices
• Dark mode support

About Whistle Training:
iTrainer leverages the power of whistle training, pairing high-frequency sounds with the desired behavior - ideal for recall training, especially for working breeds like shepherds or hunting dogs. The high-frequency whistle's sound travels large distances, reducing the need for the handler to shout.

About Clicker Training:
Using the principles of positive reinforcement, iTrainer's clicker training communicates to your pet the specific behavior you desire. The distinct click sound is immediately followed by a small reward, encouraging your pet to repeat the behavior.

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