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Folks - I can relate,

Throughout life, I had ALWAYS been seen as super shy with ZERO confidence.


My fitness and social skills were weak which resulted in a life that was not living up to its MAXIMUM potential.

A LOT of you, whether you are a teen, college student or an adult can seriously relate and it has got to change for the better!

Everything COMPLETELY changed once exercise was introduced in my routine. The more active I was the more progress was made both physically AND mentally

Improving confidence & reducing any feelings of depression.

If you want to look better, feel better & be happier - Simply being active is something YOU can do anywhere, anytime.

I want to pass onto you what helped me most in my life & help you find the internal burning desire to change for the better.

A lifestyle I know YOU can adopt ~ Make exercise a positive habit of yours & enhance every part of your life. Then once you're ready, you'll feel empowered to be an inspiration to others & watch them grow just as you have been able to do for yourself.

I want you to join me - to create paths for people to start living happier, healthier and more confidently :)

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Activity trackers usually cost hundreds of dollars $$$

So Download Stracker & Begin Loving Life while it's FREE!

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*** APP REVIEW ***

"Love It!

As soon as I downloaded the app I understood all the features right away. Very simple to use and straight to the point! I love that it's not crowded with a bunch of unnecessary stuff!"

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So What Makes Stracker Special?

In a social media world, we are not EMPOWERING people enough to INSPIRE others to live an active lifestyle

This is why Stracker is SO IMPORTANT,

· First start your activity

· During your activity pop up the camera and capture either yourself taking action to improve or the beautiful scenery

· Swipe through the Motivational focused filters

· Save your content to your library & share to inspire others

· You'll be able to make a truly GENUINE IMPACT

- - -


· Goal Focused: Set a weekly goal for how many points you want to achieve

· Streaks: Achieve your goal -> Increment a streak -> Develop A Positive Habit


· Start your activity on your wrist & pop up the in-app camera

Explore our world, adventure & begin enjoying life
Join The Stracker Family - Download & Begin!



Tracking Accuracy:
Stracker uses the GPS tracking capabilities of the User's Device.
Completely free to use from the start of launching the application to the completion of an activity and viewing your log of completed activities. The accuracy may at times provide inconsistencies potentially affecting health records such as calories burned, etc.

Healthkit is used to determine pound and kilogram weight measurements in combination with calorie/energy expenditure calculations. In the latest version, there is no reading or writing data from or to the Health App.

GPS Usage & Battery:
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Data Charges May Apply. Contact your provider for details.

In-App Purchase:
Available to purchase in the app is the ability to remove advertisements from your user experience. This is a one-time purchase available to you and is automatically applied after payment confirmation.

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Elliott Diaz