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PAI Health

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PAI Health

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is the first scientifically backed activity metric that guides you to better health. PAI takes your personal profile and heart rate data and translates it into a PAI score based on your last 7 days of activity. The goal of maintaining 100 PAI or more is ideal for maximum health benefits and protection from cardiovascular disease.

Because PAI is based on heart rate, it tracks all kinds of exercise – more than steps.

• It’s Simple: All you need to do is track a single metric that makes sense of your heart rate and keeps you on the path to good health.

• It’s Motivating: Encourages you to push yourself more and exercise more regularly.

• It’s Scientific: Research has shown that maintaining a PAI score of 100 or above can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 25% and extend lives by an average of 5 years.

• It’s Personalized: It’s appropriate for all fitness levels, and it adapts as you progress.

Apple Watch Support:
• Start a PAI activity from your wrist with Apple Watch.
• Apple Health integration to read heart rate, calories, steps and distance during PAI activity sessions.

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