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Zoho OneAuth

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Zoho OneAuth

Zoho OneAuth is an industry standard multi-factor authentication app developed by Zoho to secure your Zoho accounts. It can also secure any web app or mobile app which is compatible with time-based OTP verification with two-factor authentication. The OneAuth app offers easy and multiple recovery options.

Top Features:
- Multiple account support - Add and switch between multiple Zoho accounts
- Passwordless sign-in for your Zoho accounts
- Option to choose your convenient authentication mode: Push notification, Time-based OTP, Scan QR code
- Support for Biometric authorization
- Backup and Sync your OTP secrets across multiple devices
- Single sign-on that enables one-click access to all your Zoho apps
- Secondary Devices to authenticate even if your primary device is not with you
- Works even if your device goes offline

Zoho OneAuth provides flexible authentication. You can switch between auth modes when your preferred mode is not working. OneAuth's passphrase acts as a backup password and lets you regain access to your Zoho account without any hassle.

Go ahead and install the app right away. It's free, easy to use and secures your account always. Share your feedback through the app, reach our support for any queries, and write a review to let us know what you think. We're all ears.
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