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ScoreLord Tennis

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ScoreLord Tennis

The ultimate social tennis scoring app. Track your tennis scores and matches live via Apple Watch, find opponents in your area... see how your hitting compares with friends & pros! Features include:

- Swipe gestures for scoring your points & games
- Score using the Digital Crown on Apple Watch
- Umpire Commentary (voice feedback) for points
- Score match results or points as they happen

Swipe down for recording your points & games, double tap for aces, single tap for faults. Use the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch to record your points too, without having to tap the screen. Hear Umpire Commentary (voice feedback) on points scored & never forget the score again. Score just the match result or point by point for more detailed statistics.

- Find opponents nearby to you
- Filter players by age, location or ability
- Link with Facebook to find & invite friends
- Live updates of your friends matches & stats

Search for Opponents nearby & filter to see who of your age, location or ability are ready for a tennis match. Link your Facebook account to find friends with our app & invite others to this growing community. LIVE scores of your friends matches, as they play. See their statistics update automatically!

- Score points & get detailed tennis statistics
- 1st Serve %, Aces, Break Points & much more
- Compare average stats against Pros & others

Each match scored using our tracker provides real professional-like tennis statistics, whatever your level. Score every point to get 1st Serve %, Aces, Break Points Converted & much much more! Compare your average stats against Novak, Serena or anyone using the ScoreLord app, to see who is best.

- Quickly send private messages to opponents
- Receive & send match invitations
- Approve the score in your match to get ranked

Send private messages to your opponents with a quick swipe / tap. Confirm the court, tell your partner to bring the balls, or discuss how the match went! Match invitations and score approvals can be quickly accepted / rejected too.

- Global Rankings & Friend Rankings.
- Color themes for entire app
- Add Matches to Apple Calendar
- Be notified for messages, matches & new scores

See how you rank globally or within your group of friends. Change the color scheme for the entire app & feel part of the Grand Slam for Wimbledon, US Open or any of your faves). Add Matches to your personal Apple Calendar & store the time & location! Customisable notifications to be kept up to date with your latest invitations, scores & friends. We also have an exciting list of additional features we'd love to bring to you and are welcoming suggestions & feedback.

Simple, intuitive & socially-supercharged app, this is a MUST for any tennis menace with an iPhone.

Note: Being new to the store, if you find anything that needs our attention within the app please get in touch & we will fix / add features pronto!

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