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Intuitive calculator for everyone. Financial mode, ideal for accountants, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, housewives, students and more. Saves history and restores calculation without retyping. Auto calculates as you type.

• Big buttons and big digits make it easy to read, touch and use.
• Intuitive calculator with portrait and landscape view for iPhone and iPad and the Apple Watch-FREE.
• See history tape when turned landscape view without touching anything.
• History tape viewable with a touch on left top corner (history icon) and close it by touching on the SAME spot (on the calculator icon).
• Several FREE themes to choose from.
• Memory buttons for doing several calculations.
• Sound feature is also available – turn it on or off.
• Auto Calculates as you type = NO Calculate button.
• Email or text the history tape info to save it for future reference.
• By clicking on “Fin”, (“F” appears on left top corner) the display mode changes to Financial Mode– so you don’t have to press the decimal every time you enter a number.
• Pressing “Fin” again takes you out of financial calculator mode. This save a lot of key strokes when performing financial calculations.
• To correct an error the back-space button is conveniently located on lower left without obstructing other numbers or function keys.
• There are 4 options to save your calculations and time:
a. Use as Input
b. Insert result at cursor
c. Copy result to clipboard
d. Email calculation
• Extended digits display to over Billions
• Purchase to remove ads.

We appreciate you downloading it and using it.
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