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Von Mises Distribution

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Von Mises Distribution

In probability theory the von Mises distribution is a continuous distribution that is the equivalent of the Normal distribution for data defined with directional coordinates, i.e. over the range [-π,π]. It is a close approximation to the wrapped normal distribution, which is the circular analogue of the normal distribution. A freely diffusing angle on a circle is a wrapped normally distributed random variable with an unwrapped variance that grows linearly in time.

For the Von Mises Distribution App the data variables used to calculate the PDF and CDF of the Von Mises the Angle Variable (a ), the Angle Deviation Variable (x) and the Dispersion Variable (u)

The ranges for these data variables are:

Angle Variable (a) - -π greater x less π
Angle Deviation Variable (x) Angle Variable (a)- π greater x less Angle Variable (a) + π
Dispersion Variable (u) 0.01 greater u less1.0

The PDF and CDF graphs are touch interactive graphs for computed (x/Pr(x) paired values. The graphs hav a touch feature whereby upon the touch a slidable vertical line appears. Upon movement of the line a paired (x,Pr(x) values appear relative to the line position on the graph curve.

The horizontal x-axis displays computed (x) values. The vertical y-axis plots a range of Pr(X) values.
Donald Schaefer