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Monochrome for Reddit

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Monochrome for Reddit

Get Monochrome for Reddit to browse the latest viral content of the internet. Find communities centered around your interests: cute animal pictures, your favorite video games, funny videos, world news, or even your school. Every piece of content is voted on such that only the best content floats to the top of your feed. Monochrome is the only Reddit app that takes full advantage of your iPhone.

Design and Performance

• Monochrome is the smoothest and fastest Reddit app; it has slick animations and silky smooth scrolling.
• Monochrome’s design follows the design guidelines set by Apple. This makes Monochrome feel like a natural extension of your iPhone.
• The fluidity and human-centric design of Monochrome combine for the most intuitive Reddit experience available on iPhone.

3D Touch Everything

• Ever gotten a bit lost as to who is replying to who while scrolling through a long thread of comments? Monochrome allows you to 3D Touch a comment to peek at the comment it is replying to.
• 3D Touch links to images, GIFs, albums, videos, and other pages on Reddit to see a natively rendered preview, free of slow web content.
• Get to the content that matters to you, fast. 3D Touch Monochrome’s home screen icon to get shortcuts to your favorite subreddits.

More Features

• Not only does Monochrome deliver an optional Dark Interface, it can also automatically set its interface to dark or light depending on local sunset/sunrise times.
• Choose to display posts compactly for a more classic reddit appearance
• While viewing comments, swipe left anywhere on the screen to collapse the current comment thread and skip to the next one.
• GIFs play with progress indicators, letting you know how far you are through the GIF/how long it is
• Reply to messages and comments directly from notifications like you would a text message.
• Add multiple accounts to Monochrome and switch between them with a tap.
• Swipe left on a GIF to restart it

Made by Jonathan Valldejuli
Falcon Assets, Inc.