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It is an application that can be used for various purposes such as practicing harmony, karaoke, vocals, composing, and creating BGM.

◆ Features
--High sound quality (44.1khz / 32bit), you can record in aif format.
――You can freely set the background of the recorded / mixed music data and output it as a video to the photo app.
--There is no limit to the recording time. You can record for a long time.
――It is possible to feed back the microphone sound at the same time as recording.
--It is possible to record while playing the sound of other apps (iTunes music, etc.).
――Recording / playback in the background is possible.
--Left and right balance can be set (PAN).
-Reverb (echo) can be set.
--Playable with bluetooth headphones / speakers.
--Playable on AirPlay devices.
--You can edit the recorded file, such as the cut function.
--There are also functions that support performance, such as the metronome function and the simple tuner function.
――It also supports the large screen of iPad.
--You can start / stop recording / playback on your Apple Watch.

◆ How to use

◆◆ Recording
Press the ● button at the bottom of the screen to start recording. Press it again to stop.

◆◆ Play
Press the play button at the bottom of the screen to play the recorded voice.
You can change the volume by changing the volume.
By changing the playback start position, it will return to the playback start position when stopped.

◆◆ Effect
You can apply effects (volume, left / right balance, reverb) during playback.
You need to purchase the effect application option to save and mix the sound with the effect applied.

◆◆ Overlapping recording
If you want to record in layers, click the plus button to add a recording / playback track.
After being added, if you turn on the recording target selection on the left, that track will be the recording target track.
(If you record while playing, the sound of another track will also be recorded, so please use headphones etc.)

◆◆ Mix (overlap)
You can combine multiple recorded tracks into a single file by pressing the menu button at the bottom right of the screen and selecting a mix. The mixed file is stored in a local file under the name Mix Data.
You need to purchase the effect application option to save and mix the sound with the effect applied.

◆◆ Reading data
The recorded audio is automatically saved in a local file, so you can load it from the track menu on the right.
Alternatively, you can load it as a new track by selecting it from the local file screen.
* If you cannot read, please set the access authority to the media library of this application from the setting screen of iOS.

◆◆ Edit
You can delete part of the recorded audio from the track menu.

◆◆ Link the created sound with other apps
Recorded voice and collected data can be linked with other apps by using the sharing function.
Also, by exporting to the photo app, it will be output to the photo app as video data of only the audio.

◆◆ Metronome function
You can make a metronome sound by adding a metronome track from the plus button.
BPM10 --300, various beats can be set by adjusting the volume of each of the four rhythms independently.
The metronome can be selected from 5 types, and the click sound can be changed freely.
It is possible to switch the setting of 3 beats and 4 beats.

◆◆ Voice feedback function
It is a function that you can listen to the microphone sound of iPhone from headphones by adding a feedback track from the plus button.

◆◆ Tuner function
By adding a tuner track from the plus button, the scale of the microphone sound is displayed. It can be used as a simple tuner.

◆◆ Compatible with iPad
It also supports iPad size. The screen becomes wider and easier to see. It also supports multiple screens of iPad Pro.

◆◆ Compatible with Apple Watch
You can control the recording / playback stop on Apple Watch. If you have added a metronome track, it will vibrate at the bar timing.
Naoto Sasaki