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Haseba Calculator

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Haseba Calculator

While building Haseba, we focused most of our energy on the user interface. We think that the key to any great app is a beautiful, and simple design that works seamlessly with the app's features.

• No Ads!
• Scientific Calculator
• History (Swipe down in the display area)
• Copy and Paste
• Dynamic Light / Dark Themes (and icons)
• Larger Buttons Option
• Available on Apple Watch

Memory Slots
• Save a value inside one of 11 memory slots to use them in calculations later
• A value may be the result of a previous calculation, or pasted from the clipboard into a memory slot
• The process to store a value in a memory slot is very easy and fast, just drag down a memory slot
• Copy memory slot value to clipboard
• After having a set of occupied memory slots, you can apply one of six different operations on them in one tap: sum, average, product, median, max, min, of the occupied memory slots.
Ahmad Almazeedi