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Great Question

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Great Question

This app provides a list of questions for you to ask all different types of people, depending on your relationship. The app separates the question types into the following categories:

- Family
- Kid
- Acquaintance/Friend
- Best Friend
- Light Dating
- Serious Dating
- Debbie Downer, Nihilist (In-App Purchase)
- Gross, Crazy (In-App Purchase)

Each category has at least 50 different questions for you to ask someone! There are over 300 questions total with at least 100 more available via one In-App Purchase!

-- Categories --

Family: This is a great category to choose to interview your parents and grandparents and bring your family closer together. Just use the Simple Tab for a 1 person interview, or go to the Advanced Tab to turn it into a family game where everyone takes turns answering questions.

Kid: You know those awkward moments when your friend puts their kid on the phone and you have no idea what to say? Well, just use Great Question to get over 50 questions to ask the next kid you are forced to talk with! :-) Even if you are great with kids and don't have problems coming up with something to ask, Great Question can still give a question to ask that may be fun to ask.

Acquaintance/Friend: If you are ever in a situation where you are sitting next to someone on an airplane or at a party, for example, and you want to have some fun and pass the time, choose this category. If the person you are playing with is a little wordy, use the timer to help keep their answers short!

Best Friend: Do you really know your best friend well? Find out by selecting this category. Take turns asking and answering questions to get to know your friend better and have some fun.

Light Dating: Are you meeting someone for the first time from an on-line dating site or are you on a blind date? Use this app to ask questions that might otherwise make you look nosy or be awkward to ask! Choose 1 player (1 player is for "ALL") if you both want to answer each question or choose 2 players if you want to take turns answering different questions.

Serious Dating: If you've been dating someone for a while, and it's starting to get serious, choose this category to ask important pre-marriage questions.

Debbie Downer: These are the most depressing questions ever. Ask these questions to someone only if you can both laugh in the face of darkness and/or if you are sitting with a bunch of nihilists. If you purchase this set of questions, you also get the Silly question category as well.

Silly/Gross: These are the craziest questions you will probably ever ask or be asked. These questions would be fun to ask at a party. Turn it into a game and add your own rules. Don't forget to laugh. Purchase these questions and also get the Debbie Downer question category as well. Those questions will help depress you after having so much fun with this category.

-- The Simple Tab --

The Simple Tab displays the Family Category questions only. This is a good tab to use if you're interviewing your parent or grandparent and you are the one asking all the questions.

-- The Advanced Tab --

Number of Players: Use 1 Player for "ALL". You would want "ALL" players if each person in the group is going to answer every question asked. If you want different people to answer different questions, enter the exact number of players. You can have 10 max. If you have more than 10, you can get into groups, where each person in a group answers a question.

Timer: User this timer if you want people to give quick, brief answers. The timer will count down and say "Time is up!" and make a beep sound, encouraging the answerer to wrap up their answer.

Type of Questions: The types of questions are Family, Kid, Acquaintance, Best Friend, Light Dating, and Serious Dating. There are at least 50 questions in each category. More questions will be added with future app updates. Debbie Downer and Silly question categories can be added with one in-app purchase.
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