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RL Referee

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RL Referee

A Rugby League Referee app designed for the apple watch! Designed by a Referee for Referees!

With this app you will no longer need a score card as you will be able to record key information on your apple watch during a match. If you bin a player or send off a player you can record their number for later reference. Keep track of time using the built in timer. Team names and time can be set right on the apple watch.

Use force touch on your apple watch to access the menu.

Simply tap on a team to record details for that team. Tap on the Bin section top right to see Sin Bin & Send Off details for each team. Team details are colour coded.

Unlike other apps you don't need your iPhone to setup a match first. Everything can be done right from your watch! With the iPhone version of the app you can add/remove team names and see match history of matches you have saved. When you add a team on the iPhone it will automatically appear on your apple watch team list.


- Change Team Names on the fly
- Record Tries, Conversions, Drop Goals & Penalty Goals
- Record Player numbers for Sin Bin and Send Off
- Record Match start time
- Keep track of time with a timer that can be set
- Save Match
- Reset all details to start a new Match
- Switch Codes - Rugby League, Rugby , Tag or Touch scoring!
- Workout session recorded
- Displays heart rate & distance
Corey Jull